WTC Karlskrona

World Trade Center has a simple philosophy. Where people come together, new ideas and business are created. The World Trade Center Association is a worldwide organization established in 325 locations in more than 90 countries. All the World Trade Center is owned and operated locally and cooperates in areas like trade information, benefits, activities and services exchange. In Sweden, the World Trade Center in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund and Växjö, and it is planned for new centers in Karlskrona and Helsingborg.
Three years from now, in 2020, World Trade Center will open its doors in Karlskrona. 4 000 square meters of modern office space will be built right next to the Central Station. The building will house various companies. As a World Trade Center tenant, you’ll have access to unique networks, inside the building as well as worldwide.

For more information see WTC Karlskrona´s web page on WTCA

Offers a wide range of facilities

World trade center Karlskrona offers:

• 4,000 square meters of high quality office space
• Parking and garages
• Café and Lobby / lounge with WiFi:
• Exhibition and Conference rooms on the ground floor and one on the top floor
• Catering and conference lunch, Cleaning, coffee, fruit, and other services
• Telephone exchange, copying and other business services
• Post and parcel services, including mail boxes
• Networking activities for tenants as well as the opportunity to take part in WTCs worldwide network
• Training and Seminar
• Member benefits with discounted contracts

Connect globally, prosper locally

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